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For Hair That
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Dry & Damaged Hair Treatment

All you need to know about Dry & Damaged Hair

Dry hair results when your scalp fails to produce enough natural oils and moisture to sustain the required moisture for your hair. Hair appears frizzy and dull and loses its sheen causing it to get brittle and lose volume. It can affect anyone at any age but it’s more likely to develop in as one gets older. Dry & Damaged hair is caused by a variety of factors including hair care habits, prolonged exposure to the sun, environmental conditions, and physical health, contact with chlorinated or salty water, and using electric straighteners and curling irons etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get your dry & damaged treated?

Dry hair usually indicates hair damage and if left untreated, your hair can become brittle, causing it to break or fray easily. Untreated dry hair can also lead to permanent hair loss. Make sure to consult with our Certified Dermatologist if your dry hair has persisted for a long time. We can help you pinpoint the exact causes of your dry hair and recommend treatments according to that.

When to see a Dermatologist?

If the reason for your dry hair is an underlying medical problem, our dermatologists will recommend required medications and other treatments to address the issues. Once the root cause is identified, the condition of your hair will improve significantly.

How can it be treated?

A healthy diet and including vitamins and other required nutrients goes a long way in alleviating dry hair and making your hair look shiny and healthy. However, our treatments include using multiple techniques to combat dry hair which can only be determined during consultation.

Is the treatment painful?

Treatment for dry and damaged hair is completely painless and side-effect free. Certified Dermatologists at Derma Grace recommend only the best and safest treatment options base on a case to case basis.

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